MetaDada Creator Residency's open each year for emerging talents in any field that have a unique take on the future, including visual artists, performance artists, UX designers, entrepreneurs, crypto nerds, scientists and much more. 


Applications for the 2019 Festival are now closed.


A ticket to MetaDada Festival

The opportunity to propose a work / series of works to be part of the MetaDada festival. This might include taking over an entire room for an installation, or delivering a workshop on a certain topic. It may also include sharing and overseeing a creative challenge around which other MetaDada creators will develop a concept on-site.

A €200 allowance to spend on the work(s)

Access to the MetaDada venue prior to the festival

A guaranteed audience of diversely creative and talented people 


Do you ever feel like you’re living in the future?

It's 2019 and flying cars are legitimately being tested, you might even have an AI girlfriend (or boyfriend) soon, and some of you have already given away rights to your genetic data in exchange for a nice graph of your family tree!


Do you like where we’re headed, or not?


Either way, this is your chance to do something constructive about it. At MetaDada 2019 we encourage you to explore and create future experiences that are either absurdly real or refreshingly positive. Don’t just complain about Facebook, work with others to design a post-Facebook society. That futuristic installation or performance idea you've got stuck in your head, why not give it a shot?


We've got the space, you've got the creativity.