MetaDada - what's with the name?

Metadada is a place where themes that explore our possible tech future (Metadata) meet art and the absurd (Dada). We want to encourage creators to learn, discuss and create together experiences that help us understand the future just a little bit more.

Why are tickets limited to only 150?

Because we want to create a space where people can feel like a community and feel safe to create, and share together. 150 is Dunbar's number, representing largest number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain a stable relationship.

Why crowdfunding this year?

Putting together MetaDada is a lot of work, something we have to juggle between our jobs, other projects and lives. Crowdfunding allows us to confirm that we have funding in advance, and won't end up with big costs out of our own pocket.

What do I bring to MetaDada?

Yourself, your costume (s), and any creative tools you might need. Paint brushes, laptop, instruments plus whatever you need to keep yourself going for 36 hours! If you're feeling stingy, or have any unique tastes, you're welcome to bring some of your own food and drinks along.

How do I get there?

The best way to get to Gutshof Genshagen is by train. The trip from Berlin HBF to Ludwigsfelde Station takes just 30 minutes. From there a shuttle wants to connect you to the festival. It's also possible to drive, with plenty of free on-site parking available.

What's the sleeping situation?

The Sleeping Zone is situated on-site, but in a separate building to the main festival. This space includes heating, showers and bathrooms, and beds for you to rest your weary head. The Sleeping Zone is a bit like when you went on school trips, except a little more exciting. Guests are welcome to sleep at any point throughout the event, and bedding is provided. But if you don't like the idea of reusing doonas or pillows, feel free to BYO sleeping bag etc.

Food & drinks?

Food and drinks can be purchased on-site at our pop-up eatery and DadaBar. Great prices and selections are guaranteed. If you have any special needs, you're welcome to BYO.

Is there WiFi?

Yes! Plus toilets, and showers. We don't have ATM nearby though, so please bring sufficient cash!